Proposal Definition Workshop

It starts with your innovative idea.

Then things get complicated.

In the Workshop we will define:

How does your idea match the Horizon Europe Call text? Can it be adapted to fit better?

Who do we need as partners to have the highest chance of success?

Who are you up against? Who else is submitting a Proposal?

We will find a way to beat them or join them!

Proposal Writing

Creating a common vision and goal of the project in the consortium

Writing a proposal is a project in itself:

What are our core strengths in addressing the Calls challenges?

How does every partner fit into the big picture? What are the dependencies/ complementary among partners?
Who will write what?

We support you by:

Providing timelines, constant feedback loops and optimizing the proposal. Producing Graphics, Diagrams and Visuals

Supporting the non-technical parts of the proposal (Impact, Dissemination and Exploitation, Communication, Financial planning and Management)

Project Management

Launching the Project Mission

Contract Negotiation support

Now the real work begins:

The Proposal was written about 12 Months ago; the Kick-Off Meeting is the first step in  getting everyone back on board, introducing project- and financial management tools to simplify mandatory EC reporting

Our Role in the Project:

Supporting management of the project so researchers can do what they do best: Research and Development (not administrative tasks)

Delivering the non-technical parts of the project: Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

Financial reporting support up to the final payment by the EC

EU Flag

Preparing, managing and finalizing EU Projects since 2001

Running projects


The SQUEEZE consortium comprehensively addressed how biomarkers can be used to optimize disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA is a chronic immune-mediated disease with enormous health-related quality of life and socioeconomic impact.

Virus guided Immuno-suppression

A new and innovative tool to quantify the activity of the immune system in kidney transplant recipients: the Torque Teno virus (TTV). TTV is naturally occurring in the blood of every healthy person and every kidney transplant recipient but it causes no disease.

Sustainable batteries

NoVOC proposes innovative cell manufacturing processes, aqueous cell manufacturing and dry cell manufacturing that assures NO VOC emission and demonstrates the viability of these processes by validating cell performance, cost and environmental benefits.

Water system

SOS-Water is a multi-disciplinary project that aims to create the foundation for a holistic and participatory assessment framework of the Safe Operating Space for the entire water resources system, accounting concurrently for all relevant water dimensions across multiple sectors and spatial scales under the influence of socio-economic, policy, technological, and climatic changes.

Infectious & noncommunicable diseases

This project will represent the largest and most deeply profiled systematic study of multiple immune-related noncommunicable diseases (IR-NCDs) with layered datasets allowing for comparative analyses yielding insights into shared mechanisms and potential differences in the role of infectous diseases (IDs) between IR-NCDs.

Past projects

Boarders security

Effective surveillance technology for foliage penetration. THe H2020 FOLDOUT project combines different sensors and technologies embedded in an intelligent, efficient and robust detection platform to detect vehicles and people through dense foliage in extreme climates.

Sustainable food

Food security is a global challenge. As overall demand for food, particularly meat, increases there is an urgent need to increase supply of protein from sustainable sources. The Projects PROteINSECT and Hive PRO focus on insects as a novel and sustainable source of protein for animal feed by developing a scalable insect farming concept.

Food security

The FOODINTEGRITY project directly address the issue about safety, authenticity and quality of European food (integrity) and is an international focal point for harmonisation and exploitation of research and technology for insuring the integrity of European food.

International cooperation

The European-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration in research, development and innovation (‘EPIC’), a Horizon 2020-funded initiative which aimed to strengthen ties between Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe.

High-performance batteries

The objective of eCAIMAN is to bring European expertise together to develop an automotive Li-Ion battery cell that can be produced in Europe. The project aims to develop a truly European high-performance battery ready for implementation in the global market.

Outstanding mind-opener and visionary with fresh communication skills. Does the  unattractive things you don’t want to care about.

Coordinator of FOLDOUT

Andreas Kriechbaum-Zabini, AIT

In under 6 weeks we went from the idea to a successful € 2.5 Million EIC Grant: Hive PRO

Katharina Unger, LivinFarms

Eutema Research Services GmbH is a Spin-Off of eutema GmbH – active in EU funded projects since 2001